When I was coming up with my design I asked people who knew others with disabilities what challenges they faced daily. Most of the answers were related to grasping. My design was created to help people be able to grasp small of thing objects that require fine movement of the hand. The couplers I have designed are printed in Ninjatek Semiflex so they will always go back to their original shape when stretched. What makes it so great is that many more handles can be created to suit the individuals needs as well as creating a coupler that can help with other task. So far I have created a large grip to help those who cannot make a fist to grip and a slip on grip for those with even less control of the fingers. The couplers so far help grip thinner objects like pens, toothbrushes, spoons and forks. Since eating is so important to daily living I wanted to create something that allow for better grip of spoons and forks. I also made a soda cap opener since we all want to enjoy a nice soda pop. I have attached instructions on how to make your own coupler for a base to work off of.

Design Files

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Coupler S.stl
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Coupler Soda.stl
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Large Grip.stl
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Wrap grip.stl
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