The worlds most beloved anime character is now within your reach. I designed this Pikachu with the intention of printing it life size at 1ft 4 inches. This wonderful Pikachu is in an iconic pose getting ready for a quick attack. What makes Pikachu so great as a character is that it appeals to many generations; from people who grew up watching gen 1 to the children of now still excited to see Ash defeat his opponents with his adorable companion. I have included the file for a small version as well as a full size version. The model is meant to be printed with supports and has been revised from a previous version to make the tail stronger. Take the challenge and make one life size and you will be the envy of the internet; or do as I did and create your own Pikachu army. 


Design Files

File Size

Pikachu V2.stl
16.6 MB
Bottom Half.stl
5.64 MB
Top Half.stl
16.9 MB
Life size pikachu tail.stl
487 KB
Life size Pikachu.stl
16.4 MB


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