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These things fit over the corners of an iPad while it is still in the case to hang on a ridge line in a hammock. Use it to watch movies, play games, video chat, or anything else you use your iPad for while hanging in your favorite spot. 

Print Settings:

Printer Brand: Robo 3DPrinter: R1 ABS + PLA 

ModelRafts: Yes

Supports: Yes

Infill: 50

Notes:  You can print 4 at a time and then tie thin rope through the hoops to create 2 pairs (not much rope, it's easy to leave too much hang room). If you choose you may do a mirror image of 2 as to line up the hoops. No guarantees it will fit over each case, I only tried it with one iPad. I have a feeling it has a shot of working for at least some -- let me know!  I can hang my iPad in my hammock to watch movies or play games when camping close to my car or hanging in my yard or local park. Works well; power and headphone jacks are usable (at least on my iPad) and I don't need to take the case off.

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