Oquna the qajaq (kayak) hunter

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The Story of Oquna the Qajaq Hunter:

Wearing his tuilik (Inuit water submersion gear) Oquna the qajaq (kayak) hunter sets off from home to hunt in the sea by qajaq.  Skills honed from competition and practice on ropes he is prepared for the short Greenland summer and the challenges presented by the journey ahead.  His paddle quietly pulls his qajaq through the surf into the bay towards some ice bergs where seals surely lay.  A calm day -- a good day for a hunt; the raise and fall of tides in mind as Oquna's prey is seen in the distance.  Stealthily silent as he begins to encroach, harpoon on his front deck ready to throw.  The seal  within range, harpoon in hand and paddle prepared to brace the harpoon launched through the air and struck its target true.  The avataq (float bag) released and his qajaq sideways Oquna braces to prevent capsizing as he fights the seal to exhaustion.  After a fight lasting over an hour  Oquna wins his family's meal and the journey of towing the seal home begins.


I designed Oquna using Fusion 360.  The qajaq, paddle, and harpoon were made with sketches; tuilik body and avataq were made using the sculpting features.  I used a quick google search of qajaq in the images section for ideas and qajaqusa.org for information once I decided to make a qajaq hunter.

Print settings:

I used a Robo 3D PLA +ABS model to print this character.

30% infill (more holds the potential of a better print).

Used a raft (may print without; wanted to use a raft just to be sure).

Supports are needed.  In Simplify 3D I did a custom supports and it made a better support system without me making any changes than the regular prepare to print button.

I did need to place the bottom onto the bed with in the Simplify 3D. 

The design is very small I scaled it up by around 350% for the print.

Roughly a 2:30 hour print.

Post printing:

After the print is done there is no assembly; simply remove the raft and/or supports (carefully around the paddle) and find it a spot or use it as toy!

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