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SummaryIt works -- it's not pretty, not super strong, it won't fit every reel and rod but it is functional for what I made it for. For now I just strap the holder on to my fishing/kayaking pdf vest with zip ties. I printed it using PLA; soon i will try an ABS print. This will not fit all reels/rods and has a long print (close to 10 hours). It does fit my 6 foot 5/6 wt rod and reel and my 9 foot bamboo rod (which I use the same reel for). It does not however fit my 9 foot 7-8 wt rod/reel.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: Robo 3DPrinter: R1 ABS + PLA ModelRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesInfill: 50%Notes: Really a simple print, just long.Custom SectionI did break it!In my defense however -- I was doing a sweep roll in a kayak without a rod but the holder was still on my pfd. Then I intentionally capsized again, exited the kayak and did what is called a cowboy re-entry. Somewhere during all of this the scoop that holds the reel snapped off. To hold my rod so I could tie on a new fly or tippet the holder worked fine. As long as it can fit your rod and you're not flipping around in kayaks it should work. The next one I print will be ABS, and I intend to mount it with the zip ties both going up and down instead of perpendicular. A small turn nob for the reel tension often got snagged on one of the zip ties.

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