Adaptive multipurpose device for people with hands disabilities


  This device can be used as the adapter at various utensils such as  knife adaptor , gardening tools , can adapt a broom handles , etc ...

  For example to used like a Knife adaptor can have this advantages:  has an easy to grip and comfortable handle which has a soft feel grip and is non-slip.The angle keeps the user's hand and wrist in a neutral stress-free position while using a knife.

    This tool is supremely comfortable for everyone to use, but will be particularly beneficial for those with conditions which weaken the hand and wrist.

   The ergonomic handle provides a firm grip in either hand and can be used safely with wet or greasy hands.

     I belive that using this device will have the same advantage with all the tool in use.

     The upright angle handle helps keep the wrist in a natural position, preventing strain and discomfort.

     This device can be adjusted by adding three plastic flanges to keep in place the tool/ustensil used.      Can print the device in 3 sizes with diameters : 30x30mm , 30x38mm , 30x45mm .

 I recommend to print with 100 % infill .

  Support - Yes.

  Printing time 2 hrs +/-

Design Files

File Size

adaptor L (38x30 diameter).stl
2.69 MB
adaptor S (30x30 diameter).stl
1.82 MB
adaptor XL (45x30 diameter).stl
2.78 MB


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