Magic the Gathering Butterfly Case

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This Magic the Gathering custom case I designed features a "butterfly" style opening system with as steam punk-ish theme. The parts are all easy to print and do not require support if the printer is tuned correctly. It is recommended that the prints are done in a higher resolution to acquire a better detail and less clean up. The dovetail slide of the centre key may need to be cleaned up if artifacting occurs.

The print requires one of each stl to be printed as well as six 4-40 x 0.375" cap screws. A tap may be required to apply the threads to the parts if hole quality is too poor. It is possible to thread the bolts directly into the parts. 

Design Files

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05 Side Wings.STL
152 KB
06 Key Way.STL
239 KB
Parts List.pdf
183 KB
01 Main Plate (Front).STL
81.5 KB
02 Secondary Plate (Back).STL
167 KB
03 Tertiary Support Spacer.STL
214 KB
04 Side Wings.STL
150 KB
00 MTG Butterfly Card Holder Rev A.PDF
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