DJI Phantom 2, Camera mount for Panasonic GM1

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SummaryDJI Phantom 2, Camera mount for Panasonic GM1 These camera mounts allow you to attach the Panasonic GM1 to the Phantom 2. One mount is for landscape orientation, one for portrait orientation. i have built this mainly for still photography: the camera can be turned around the balance point (from horizontal to 90° down). due to the usage of dampers and earplugs (!) the vibrations are well controlled. SD card, battery and all the buttons of the camera remain accessible. weight: fully assembled each mount weights around 50g. equipped with the GM1 and the 12-32mm the mount weights around 290g. the phantom 2 still moves up very fast and remains very easy to control. flight time decreases only a little from that extra load. lenses: i have tested the camera mounts with several lenses (panasonic 12-32mm, panasonic 20mm and olympus 9mm). in theory the balance point is different for each lens. but also here: the flight controller of the phantom 2 handles this perfectly. height: in the landscape mount the camera is well above the ground. depending on the lens and the angle the lens can be lower than the standard landing gears. in the portrait mount the GM1 is always lower than the landing gear. this can be solved with larger landing gears. i personally use two blocks of foam for the start. for landing i simply catch the drone in the air by hand.Instructionswhat you need to assemble the camera mounts (each): 2 counter sunk bolt M5 x 14 mm 2 screw nuts M5 1 knurled head screw 1/4“, length 10mm (camera) 4 DJI phantom 2 vision rubber damper 1 DJI phantom 2 vision damping bracket 4 earplugs to squeeze in the rubber dampers (they help a lot) zip tie around 3 x 240mm (fixing of the camera to the portrait mount) i used a form 1 (resin/ stereolithography) to print this camera mounts.

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