Migration Effector for 45mm Pitch(for E3D V5/V6)


Summarythis is a migration effector Migration Ball Pitch:45mm 4cm fan x3 with 3 holes reserved for LED lamps and rubber band holder to reduce backlash(option) 磁性吸座的效應器,球頭間距45mm,3個4公分風扇 保留三個LED的小孔 還有橡皮筋孔,可以減少磁鐵背隙(可不裝) use M3x60 screw x3 and easily mount the horseshoe to fix E3D V5/V6 (Volcano Hot-end) to the cap with 3~5 pcs of M3x16 screws. Thus, the original design of auto-leveling device of Kossel can be used to this device though I do not use the auto-leveling yet! 使用M3x60的螺絲3根,可以簡單的用3~5根m3x16的螺絲鎖固馬蹄鐵來固定E3D V5/V6 (火山口熱頭),因此也保留了原來kossel的自動調平的設計(雖然我沒有裝)。Print SettingsPrinter Brand: DeltaprintrPrinter: Deltaprintr AssembledRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: --Infill: --Custom Sectionprinting speed at 40mm/s printing speed at 120mm/s

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