GuerillaBeam Flashlight adapters

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UPDATE 2015-05-03: Updated adapters, new flashlights

This set contains adapters for the following (recommended) Cree XM-L LED flashlights.

  • TrustFire X8 (most recommended)
  • UltraFire X8 (quite similar to the TrustFire X8)
  • TrustFire Z5
  • SkyRay King (caution: hot, can melt PLA!)
  • ThruNite TN 30 (brightest, but hot - can melt PLA)
  • 'PedalBeam' bike light (advantage of DC plug, overheats, hot - can melt PLA)

The following prototpye adapters are only included for historical reasons (unsupported):

  • UltraFire C8 (cheap light, bad projections)
  • TrustFire TR-3T6 (very large, very hot)
  • TrustFire TR-J18 (very large, very hot)

These adapters are intended for the GuerillaBeam projector, but you could use them to attach those lights to whatever you like.

Most adapters work the same: They are slightly bent open, and snapped on the front of the flashlight (after removing the flashlight front bezel, if possible). Locking is done by screwing a GuerillaBeam (or a compatible nut) on them. The adapters for the TN30 and the SkyRay King are screwed into the lights instead of their original bezel ring.

Design Files

File Size

hwasys ultrafire x8 6.stl
251 KB
trustfire tr-3t6.stl
662 KB
trustfire tr-j18.stl
689 KB
ultrafire c8.stl
547 KB
TN30 r11d.stl
1.37 MB
TrustFire X8 r1.stl
1.21 MB
TrustFire Z5 r0.stl
1.15 MB
Skyray King r4 sw.stl
3.13 MB
Ultrafire X8 r18.stl
1.56 MB
Pedal Beam r2.stl
1.15 MB
thrunite tn30.stl
2.69 MB


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