Auger-based feeder for animals, fish etc using Nema 17 stepper m


SummaryAn auger-based feeder for a Nema 17 stepper motor. Feed your pets on a timer, in certain quantities or remote-controlled by adding a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Perfect for a pet feeder, aquaponics system or related. I printed all of this in PLA, I printed the Auger vertically. For the backside of the feeder unit, I used knurled brass threaded inserts with an outside diameter of 6mm. Here is a listing for some on eBay: I then melted them in with a soldering iron using this technique: Assembly for this is done by screwing the motor plate to the Nema 17 then attaching the auger to the stepper with a 3mm screw and a nut that is inserted into the bottom of the auger.. After the auger is attached to the stepper, insert the whole assembly into the feeder and attach using 4mm screws. Feedback is always appreciated. Released through my company Northern Layers:

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