e3d v6 bracket for Mendel Max 2

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SummaryThis e3d V6 bracket has seen 10+ iterations in an attempt to get the perfect dimensions and allow for a perfect filament path. If you have the right speeds then flexible filament should work great with this bracket. Run the PTFE tube as far up as possible. You'll need: 2 - M3 screws 2 - M3 Nyloc nuts Insert the nyloc nuts into the prints, mount e3d, tighten fastener into bracket and around e3d. Mount the whole thing to the carriage of the MM2. If you have a heated chamber or are printing high temp materials like ABS or PC-ABS then I recommend printing this in at least ABS or something with a even higher glass transition temperature. Good luck, feedback appreciated! Released through my company http://northernlayers.com

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