Arm-Mounted Grabber


Some Easy and Quick Assembly Required


                     -Blue: 3D printed

                     -Red: Velcro strap

                     -Purple: Rubber band

Additional Parts Needed:

                    - 3 Rubber bands

                    - 3 Velcro straps

                    - String

                    - Suggestion: (Rubber tips for the end of the grippers claws would assist in more grip to grab onto objects and would be                            recommended to get)

Assembly Instructions (May need slight assistance):

                     1) 3D print all files

                     2)Attach Rubber bands in place where the purple tori lie

                    3)  Insert Velcro straps where red tori lie

                   4) Tie string to loop on the semi-loop on the arm mount

                   5) Lace string horizontally across the bottom

                   6) Lead string up along the bars so the string does not enter the rectangular structure

                   7) Insert string through the hollowed out cylinder that is connected to the grippers on the other side so the string leads                             into the center of the three parts of the grippers

                  8) Tie three separate strings to the original

                  9) Lead each string onto each of the bottom side of the grippers through the small inserts on each part of the gripper

                10) Tie the end of the string to the hole at the edge of the gripper near the claws at the top

                11) Maker sure all the strings are tight and is not flailing around

                12) Insert hand into Velcro straps and adjust to your arm

                13) Flick wrist to start grabbing things ( flick down to grab, and up to release )

                14) Enjoy :)

                    People who are affected by disease, such as arthritis,  have restrictions that prevent them from accessing full control of their hands. There are people who are even unable to open and some who cannot even close their hands. This design allows for the compensation for both. This is the Arm-Mounted Grabber.  The grabber features a durable compact design that can fit entirely on the arm. This gripper was designed to allow for short reach, to allow for an extra helping hand to assist those who have limited mobility in their hands. The applications for this are limitless, such as grabbing almost anything you could with a hand, opening door, etc. This design can help many with limited mobility in their hands by simplifying the process of grabbing objects to literally just a flick of a wrist. The design allows for those who unfortunately have lost or never had the ability to grab objects with their hands to pick them up or to really interact with the world the way they hoped to with their hands. Hopefully, the design will provide a cheap and effective alternative to expensive mechanical prosthetics, and will allow for those with limited mobility in their hands to grab objects and to interact with the world. This design was inspired by the arcade claw machines. and the mechanism that many incorporate for their grabbing mechanism. Currently I do not possess a functioning 3d printer, and am finding some alternatives to fix this problem such as finding someone who can help print this for me, but if anyone who sees this design likes this design and would help me print it out and post a picture on this page to demonstrate how this device works, that would be much appreciated! A video, pictures of the setup, and pictures of the design will be uploaded once I am able to find a place that will allow me to 3D print all of my designs.

Design Files

File Size

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string gripper connectors.stl
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bolts string gripper.stl
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hand attachment string gripper.stl
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string gripper base.stl
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