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Our new electronics box allows enough space for ramps board and cable chain management at the bottom. Plus attaches to our cable chain system. 

This is designed for our new REVOLUITONi3 3D Printer. It will work with Prusa Rework i3 3D Printers also. 

This links to our Revolution Media Group Cable Chain System.  The system allows you to create a complete cable covering system that changes direction, attaches to motors, power boxes, buttons... All cables covered!   You can download the entire cable chain system for $1.30 or individually download each part as you need them.    We designed this cable chain system for our Revolutioni3 3D printers.  A fleet of our printers are in Ryerson University which is Canada's leading technical institute.  We designed the cable chain system for Ryerson University to protect all cables as the printers are moved around classrooms, and many students are handling them. 

Revolution Media Group is a proud member of the open source 3D printing community.  We are firm believers in the open source concept that promotes payment to designers.  Small amounts of payment for hours of design work allows designers and artists to keep doing what they love and share their talent.  We support pinshape as they are promoting payment to the designer.  Welcome to the evolution of the revolution. 


Using M4 Bolts and M4 Nuts you can assemble the box to be very sturdy, not having to rely on super glue. 

You will need to drill your own holes to attach the back plate to your frame. I have left these out purposefully so you can choose the height you wish to place the box.  

Ramps mounts are on the back plate.

The round hole on the right side of the box (inner side) is for round cable cover tubing which houses the cables from the extruder to the electronics box.

The Round hold and 4 holes on the door is for a 40mm fan.  Note that a square fan cover file is also included. 

Design Files

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