Robo 3D x-axis wiring guide w/screw holes


SummaryI loved the original design but the cable kept interfering with the filament. So I modified the file and removed the feet attachment for the slit and added a extension so you can use the screw holes already in the R1 production version (not sure if kickstarter version has those) Also pushes the loop more to the front of the printer (or the back if you prefer - just turn 180 degrees) I'm a total novice in 3D modeling so it might not be perfect but I know it will fit. (it fit on mine) Even though the Chain link available looks really cool, I'm not comfortable removing all the wires and re-attaching. I think this is really simple and easy solution to remove/replace. This is a Remix of the EthanNewhouse version sure you print the top guide modification on it's side so you don't need any support material. Remove the zip tie and then remove the screws on the little black piece that it was attached to. You then use the same screws to screw on the modification - don't need to screw on tight - will bend a little but it can take it. after that, works the same as the EthanNewhouse version. Specs: PLA HatchBox Dark Blue Temp 215C Bed 55C Infill 20% Hexagon .2mm layer height

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