Switchfector(Improved) - Kossel Magnetic Effector with Z Endstop


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SummaryI wanted a highly accurate probe and got tired of inaccurate sensors. This uses a standstard microswitch, and works great. This is updated version. Now is more of a SUV version. I found the original flexed during print, so I've thicken the whole design. I've also went to bigger N50 mags. Now I never loose my rods. InstructionsUses m3 screws, 16mm for e3d v6, 10mm magnets. Side holes for fans or rj45 mount. 24 x m3 set screws 6 x N50 Super Strong Round Disc Cylinder Magnets Rare Earth Neodymium 10mm x8mmhttp://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6655281684.html?orderId=67170172037473 6 x Round Neodymium Countersunk Ring Magnets 10mm x 5mm Hole: 3mm Rare Earth N50http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6452478679.html?orderId=65439776317473 Put the big magnet in the bottom of the cups, and put the small magnet on the top. One set screw on the bottom from the front, and one set screw on top. Repeat 6 times. The mount is sized for a e3d v6 hotend, generally should work for any. I use a RJ45 for e3d fan, part cooler fan, and z-switch and themistor. Github: https://github.com/glennswest/switchfector.git

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