Metal Car - Kossel Metal Carriage for Vslot 2020


SummaryI've now split this to 4 separate designs. metalcar carriage for cnc - has a svg file - note the svg is in mm per point metalcar carriage with stepper for cnc - has a svg file - note the svg is in mm per point metalcar_prt for 3d printing - has a stl file metalcar_stepper_prt for 3d printing - has a stl file Im in the process of building a full metal Kossel 3d Printer. I've already fabbed metal corners, and want to do carriage and effector in metal. This is my current work in progress for the carriage. Its designed for 3 wheels from openbuilds, and a ecentric spacer for tension. The car usings a iron cup and a rare earth magnet. The cup is threaded from the rear for a m3 screw. The upwards retangular is designed for mounting of a magnet, or with tape a flag for optical, or to push a switch. I Designed ThisOpenScadThis is done in OpenScad, and then uses projection to make into 2d, and allows export of dxf and vector graphics. I intend to use cambam and cut it on cnc. Can also be laser cut. and Assembly InfoBOM and AssemblyOne Car consists of Qty Description URL 3 Delrin V Wheel Kit 1 Ecentric Spacer 2 Magnetic Can Coming Soon from NCC 2 Magnets Coming Soon from NCC 2 M3 Screws For Mounting mag cups 2 M3 Grub Screws For Mounting Magnets You need 3 sets of the above for a Kossel Printer

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