Original Prusa MK2 style Octopi cover


SummaryRecently upgrade Prusa i3 Plus to the MK2 model and felt I needed an Octopi cover matching the new Prusa style. You will need 2 x M3 hex nut 10mm, 4 x M3 countersunk 10mm and 2 x M3 countersunk 16mm bolts. Any M3 will do as long as the length is OK. It's just for the looks. First mount the Raspberry Pi in the bottom using 4 M3 x 10 bolts. You don't need nuts as the screws will make a screw-thread in the Raspberry PI PCB mounting holes. Next mount the top to the chassis using the 2 M3 hex nut 10mm bolts. To finish screw the bottom with the Raspberry Pi on the top using the 2 x M3 countersunk 16mm screws. Connect you WIFI adapter, power and USB cable and you're done. Enjoy!Print SettingsPrinter: Orriginal Prusa MK2Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 200 umInfill: 20%

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