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I've been having fun this summer making decals out of flexible filaments. See Dragons for Everyone and Baby Animal Decals I have also included thick versions for those who want to print in PLA or other filament. I think either version could also be used as a badge and pinned to a hat or jacket. Clean your build plate well before printing the thin versions. Wet the smooth side and apply to a clean window, mirror or other smooth wall. I have found sometimes they don't always stick and then you might have to use a piece of tape or thumb tack. That said most of the stickers I have printed have stuck.

I create these designs to encourage people to try out flexible filaments or get some new interesting colors of flexibles.  Most of these are made out a Flexfill 98A. It's FDA approved to be food safe which I think is a cool feature. More info on flexyfilament.com.  The main image decals are made out of NinjaFlex which I sample here 3dprintny.com

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