Citrus Fruit Slice Coaster

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I wanted to make a practical gift to bring to my brother in Florida. They entertain a lot so I thought some tropical coasters would be fun. I got the idea from a few similar models but there were elements I wanted to change. First off as a coaster you want a spot where the water can collect, second I wanted a design where you could stop the print, switch filaments and continue. I started with white on the multi-colored ones. These are printed in Filaflex TPU, it's very similar to Ninjaflex. Neither will scratch your table.

I create these designs to encourage people to try out flexible filaments or get some new interesting colors of flexibles. For info on purchasing samples of several brands of flexible filament see


For Filaflex I run at 235. Add additional top layers for infills of 20% or 50%. Use 100% infill for a heavier feeling coaster. If you use a translucent filament, you can can an interesting effect with the infill pattern.

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