Maple Leaf Candy Dish for Host/Hostess Gift

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Cute 3D printed gift to give to the person cooking you dinner. New life to a great model. This needs no supports to print. The original design (Autumn Leave Cup by Bernhard_3D) only had an obj file and I converted it and uploaded the stl file. The one pictured is scaled at 1.4 the original size which is the biggest I could print on my printer. The original sized version could be used as a place setting on Thanksgiving with a condiment.

This one is printed in PLA. I want you to know that I create these designs to encourage people to try out flexible filaments or get some new interesting colors of flexibles.  Inventory Clearance Sale going on now. Try Ninjaflex, Cheetah, EEL or Armadillo for $6.99. Flexy and flexy2 for $2.99

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