Kalma Chowk Monument (A tribute)


Summary"Kalma chowk monument" is one of the iconic monuments of Pakistan. In May, 2011 it was demolished due to the construction of flyover at the respective place, now called "Kalma Underpass". This 3D design is in the remembrance of this beautiful statue which had been there for atleast 20 years until it was knocked down. A tribute to this legendary monument. Kindly do share and comment if you like, it take alot of effort in designing models. This model has been designed from scratch. I used SolidWorks v2015 for modeling this. Designed by "The Mak3rs". A leading company providing 3D designing and printing services in Pakistan. Do share and comment. Also if you make one please upload your make. Thanks and cheers. https://www.facebook.com/themak3rs Email us at: [email protected]/* */

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