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SummaryThe working trapdoor here is in two styles, cut-stone and wood. These must be done in the OpenForge 2.0 style to make the trap door functional, so there's no full_base option (ping me if what you want is just a non working trapdoor for the 1.0.) I strongly recommend printing the trapdoor using the trapdoor_upright file, as you get way better detail if the wood grain is on the z axis. Parts for building this next to a wall are in their own thing for the wall construction kit. OpenForge is now a patron supported project. I use the resources that my patrons give me in order to get the resources to let me create more sophisticated tiles with a greater level of detail. Please, support me, and I’ll deliver an ongoing stream of awesome gaming terrain.Post-PrintingAssemblyUnderneath the floor tile, there is a divot for holding the hinge. Straighten and cut a paperclip to fit that divot and then slide it into the hole on the side of the trapdoor. Depending on how well your printer does with bridging, you may need to use an xacto to clean up the divot and a drill or pin vice to clean out the hole in the trap door. Place the trapdoor in place in the floor tile, with the hinge running through it. Place any magnets you want to use in the base. Use cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) to glue the floor to the base, trapping the hinge. Note: the metal hinge will draw the magnets, so you want to slap the floor onto the base pretty fast or it can create a little bit of a mess.

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