Ramps and Arduino Case for Sintron Prusa i3

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***This is compatible with all frames with 4.8x9.7 (distance from outside of hole to outside of hole) holes and power supplies with 12.5x8.6 (distance from outside of hole to outside of hole) holes.***

I needed to attach my Ramps to my Sintron prusa i3, so I decided to create a case for my electronics that fitted the Sintron acrylic frame holes in the side.

There are 3 versions of my box for the Ramps, just choose the one that fits you better (according to your cable management), and the case lid is common to all 3 and has the 50mm fan holes. The 3 holes on the lid, serve 2 purposes, those are, ventilation and to pass cables thru them, in case us need the 2 little columns can be easily broken to make the holes bigger.

Print Settings:

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 15% minimum recommended

Wall Thickness: 3layers (top, bottom and sides)

After printing the case, you may need to ream the four holes a little bit (just insert a Torx T4 screwdriver), in order to better/easily fit the case to the printer frame.

Torx screwdriver:

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