Rostock Max v2 Enclosure

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These are the brackets needed to make an enclosure for your rostock max v2. You will need 3 base and 3 top pieces. You can print 3 at a time with the build area.

Locate the brackets on the extrusions and bolt the brackets to the rostock's top and base using 6-32x.75" bolts with nuts (M3 x20mm bolts will work too). You will need to drill holes in your printer. I used one sheet of 36" x 48" x .093" acrylic and one piece of 1/8" x 12" x 36" acrylic for the door. Cut all sheets to 29" in length with a plastic scraping cutter or saw and cut the .093" sheet into 3-6" widths and 2-12" widths for the enclosure sides. All hardware is 1/4-20 nyloc nuts and 1/4-20 x 7/8" SHCS, but I would recommend 1" length bolts since mine didn't reach the nylon in the nuts, but it was what I already had in my garage. I sealed the case with silicone and foam tape on the seams to try and eliminate all gaps for the best insulation. For the door I just bought door hinges at the depot and I used a soldering iron for all holes in the acrylic because it cracks very easily with a standard drill.

You will need to use my layer fan mount to clear the cabinet.

Here is a link to how I did the lighting in the cabinet if you are interested:

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Rostock e3dv6 Layer Fan .STL
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Extrusion Mount Base.STL
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Extrusion Mount Top.STL
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Door Handle.STL
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