Bicyclops : animatronics bicycle control

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Bicyclops : animatronics bicycle control

Animatronics were used to create in a variety of fantasy movies.   And it would be very interesting if this could apply to life on a daily basis. So what if the bicycle is alive!!! The project is called “Bicyclops” which inspired by the monster named "Cyclops", bicyclops eye can roll over following by handlebar position and blink  following by ringing the bell. It is designed on the concept of easy access to animatronics. So it is available for all people regardless of genders or ages as it doesn’t require a high technology, you can simply customize by yourself without using any electronics device. 


Special features 

  • Use less support(only one part needed)
  • Show the properties of the plastic that is very flexible to bend without using flexible filament. 
  • Assembly joints by melting scrap filament (Thanks Barb Makes Things for exellent technique!!!)
  • Use cable to tie and support  the bike for all shapes and sizes 
  • Customizable! You can also download here and open in Onshape to modify for your bicycle.


Print Setting

  • ABS better than PLA for outdoor.
  • For eyeball and eyelid cable, more Outline/Perimeter Shells , more durable.
  • Generate support only eye ball part.

I hope you will be able to ride your bike more fun! And do not forget to share your Bicyclops !!

Design Files

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bell trigger2.stl
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eye ball.stl
205 KB
eyeball cable.stl
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eyelid cable.stl
6.33 KB
96.5 KB
92.4 KB
34.1 KB
28.2 KB
21.2 KB
141 KB
ball eye controller.stl
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bell pillar.stl
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bell trigger.stl
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