Saddle Mounted Compost Basket


The Saddle Mounted Compost Basket was inspired by my need to store compostable items, often a banana peel from a post bike ride snack, and avoid throwing compostable waste on the ground in the urban centre of down-town Toronto. 

This compost basket provides an aerated, secure and convenient way to travel with compostable waste. The top portion of the basket mounts to the saddle. The basket can be unscrewed in order to easily remove and attach it to the mount. The length of the mount extends over rear racks, baskets and seats that are low to the frame.

I printed my example Saddle Mounted Compost in the photos using black PLA filament from Printrbot and the base was printed using natural HD Glass from FormFutura which is a food safe PETG filament, a plastic similar to water bottles.

Each piece is separated for convenient printing using 30% or higher infill and support structure is only needed for the Compost Lid. All files included can be laid flat in order to reduce or eliminate support structure.

Two Mount Bolt's will need to be printed to complete the mounting hardware.

Design Files

File Size

Compost Lid.stl
1.02 MB
Mount Joint Bolt.stl
239 KB
Mount Joint Nut.stl
170 KB
Mount Bolt.stl
616 KB
Mount Cap.stl
880 KB
Mount Body.stl
1.3 MB
Compost Body.stl
1.34 MB


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