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SummaryBased off the one I saw here: I rebuilt it from scratch. In short this allows you to hold and position a miniature easily while painting. This is a 25mm base for scale. I have shared this under a non-commercial license. But I grant anyone the right to sell this as long as they inform me they are selling it. :) UPDATES: I added a glue-down-plate that you can stick a miniature to if you don't want to use one of my custom bases. The "Y" slot will allow you to more easily pop it off when done. I also made it slightly larger than the other diameters and knurled so the miniature on top of it can be rotated without touching it. Plus you can put this under a base and "stack" the plates. I also added a larger protective arm to accommodate this wider plate.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: SeeMeCNCPrinter: Rostock MAXRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: 0.2mm layers, 0.35mm nozzleInfill: 15%Notes: These are the settings I used, your mileage might vary.Post-PrintingAssemblyPrint one of each piece. Note that the "magnet miniature base" is meant to be glued to the bottom of your miniature with the hole down. Color it accordingly. If you don't want to put a base on your miniature ignore the "magnet" parts and just glue a miniature to the base unit. Or design your own holder base and use that. The Base Unit gets flipped over with the open end down. The arm gets put in the slot and glued. The magnet plate gets put on top (clean side to clean side) NOTE: I made this plate separate so different plates could be printed for different miniature base types without completely reinventing the holder. IE. You wouldn't want to use magnets with warhammer, etc. The hole in the top of the magnet stand gets 1 10mmx1mm round magnets glued into it. Or one 10mmx2mm magnet. The magnet miniature base also gets magnets glued into it (Make sure the polarity of the magnets matches before gluing) and gets glued to the bottom of your miniature. You can now attach the magnets and the miniature should hold. Enjoy!

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