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SummaryThis is as fixed-angle easel for keeping a tablet (Wacom, Monoprice, etc.) on your desk at a comfortable angle for drawing. It also works with 10" tablets (iPad, Kindle, Galaxy Tab, etc.) as well. I designed this to work specifically with my Intuos5 Large, which doesn't have a built-in stand and doesn't fit the document holder I was using with my previous Intuos2. It also overhangs the front of the desk, both for support and to make my particular desk arrangement more ergonomic. The OpenSCAD source is somewhat adjustable (within reason); the files as provided are to make the largest, steepest stand I could accommodate easily on my Replicator Dual, which happens to be at a pretty comfortable angle. UPDATE 3/2015: I've included a thicker version of the sides, because after 9 months of faithful service it broke. Hopefully a 6mm thick version will last even longer!InstructionsThis is intended to be printed in ABS, and assembled using a simple acetone bond. However, you can probably print it in PLA and then use superglue or a heat weld instead. Print the two files; I used a raft and 30% infill Put one of the side pieces onto a surface you don't mind ruining (newsprint, scrap paper, etc.) Dip one end of each strut piece into acetone (I use cheap nail polish remover) for a few seconds to soften it Insert the softened ends into the appropriate holes on one side piece Put on the cross-brace struts first since there's only one place each of those can go; they both sit vertically, with the larger one all the way in back (first hole pair) and the smaller one in the middle (third hole pair) The straight struts can go anywhere else. Make sure to press down so that the ends are all the way in (they should be flush with the outside edge of the side piece) Dip the other ends of the struts into acetone, and quickly press them into the matching holes on the other side piece, again making them flush with the outer edge Optional but recommended: use a pipette to put a single drop of acetone on each join from the outside Let everything dry

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