Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen display case

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SummaryEasy to print solid Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, Official 7 inch touchscreen case. I wanted to keep the black bezel look of the screen and not making it bigger. You will need 4 M3x6 or 8 screws to secure the back cover. There is room inside for the power cables. I will use this as a kiosk display and NAS for my Kodi player I have cut out some areas at the back where I can add velcro strips to mount a 2.5 inch HDD. Ones done I will update the pictures. I plan to add a swivel base for tilting the screen with integrated IR LED to power on and off (with proper shutdown) via remote, stay tuned. Enjoy and show off your builds and mods. Update 290516: Added 2cm Velcro lid and lid without HDD support. Update 310516: Added new case with little door access to the SD card. Still need small pliers or pincet but it's easier than unscrewing the back lid.Print SettingsPrinter: Prusa i3 PlusRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 200 umInfill: 20%Notes: I used supports for the Case, others don't need support. To finish the print faster you can use 2 bottom and 3 top layers.

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