Bike Handlebar Button (BoosterPack Throttle)


This is intended as an accessory for the Bicycle BoosterPack (Project seen here:  Originally I recommended buying a handlebar button assembly from Amazon but they have since tripled their price to ~$18. This model will enable you to get the same functionality for the price of the switch & a screw ~$5.

There are two different sizes provided depending on where you want to mount it. See image for standard bar sizes. Most folks will need the .875" diameter size as I did.

The 'Bike Handlebar Button'  could easily be used for other purposes, such as a horn or light. 


(1) Normally Open (for BoosterPack) Momentary Push Button Switch:

(1) #6 pan head machine screw, 2" long, with nut.  (available @ Lowes, Homedepot, etc)

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