Barbarian Horn Bearer (15mm scale)

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SummaryThis character was designed for our sci-fantasy tabletop RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder and for our modular wargaming system, Wayfarer Tactics. If you want to print a 28mm scale version, just scale it up by 180%. We've set up a Patreon page for anyone who's interested in helping to fund us so we can keep making free and open sourced games like Pocket-Tactics, Wayfarer Tactics. and others, not to mention the growing catalog of gaming miniatures that you can use for whatever you want! (Psst... we take requests and commissions...) Enjoy!Print SettingsNotes: Printing this model at this scale will be tough for FDM printers, so I would advise using SLA machines (like Formlabs or Solus), though if you scale this up enough, I'm betting it'll print just fine. I'd love to see prints if you can manage it, but otherwise I'll post my makes once I get my prototypes.

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