Wolverine Bust and Stand

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Wolverine Bust- " I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice." 

Trying my hands on building kits.

Please help support an artist and purchase this baby and help crave your geek needs. 

More pictures up soon. 

Please leave feedback and pictures when printed.


Design Files

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Right Hand Insert.stl
50.1 KB
Right hand.stl
17 MB
Left Bod Insert.stl
22.8 KB
Wolverine Body.stl
67.6 MB
88.7 MB
Left Hand Insert.stl
50.1 KB
Left Hand.stl
14.7 MB
Right Shoulder.stl
19.2 MB
Left Shoulder.stl
19.8 MB
Right Bod Insert1.stl
22.8 KB


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