3D-printable lampshade for standard light fixture

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A simple lampshade that fits on standard light fixtures with 30 mm washer. The model was made in Cinema 4D using the cogwheel tool for the shade fitting and a cylinder primitive deformed with the taper tool. The surface features were made using the MoExtrude function under the MoGraph menu.

Please refer to the video for assembling instructions.  

The lampshade is provided in two versions.

 - Solid: To print this, please slice the model with no top or bottom layers and if possible use the vase mode in your 3D printing software. If you choose to print in standard mode (no-vase-mode) you can define the thickness of the shade by adjusting the perimeter shell count.

 - Thin-walled: This version can be used in most slicers. The thin membrane (0.5 mm) will only make room for one perimeter.

By http://Creative-Tools.com

Design Files

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Lampshade (print zero top and bottom layers and no infill) (by CreativeTools.se).stl
29 MB
Lampshade (0.5 mm thickness) (by CreativeTools.se).stl
58 MB
Lampshade fitting (by CreativeTools.se).stl
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