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For more info on my entire Catan project please see my website:

I love Catan and I love designing miniatures, but I hate cleaning printed parts.

I have spent months designing and tweaking each of these pieces with focus on:

  • Minimal cleaning (no supports, no retraction, no melting thins, all bottom layers chamfered)
  • Ease of printing (no brim, no raft, nothing too small or unstable)
  • Ruggedness
  • Adorableness
  • Ease of use in-game (e.g. roads now much easier to grab and place)

As you know, for the basic game you will need (for each player color):

  • 15 Roads
  • 5 Towns
  • 4 Cities

Note: there's a version of City01 with the hole for a Metropolis flag (in case you ever consider the Cities and Knights expansion, which you should!)

Note too: I've added the ship from Seafarers to this basic set.

For printing: I recommend 0.8mm walls, 0.8 top/btm, and no infill. For the ships, you might have to dial down your "minimal time spent on layer" setting...

Best of luck!

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