Trihexaflexagon Redesigned


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Addictive and easy to print, it's everyone's favorite math toy!

It's by far the best printed-in-place toy I've encountered.

I made my own Trihexaflexagon after all my attempts to print whpthomas' model were unsatisfactory, in terms of opening without breaking and flexing without effort. I use an Ultimaker2 and I tried customizing the tolerance up to 0.55 but in vain...

  • Now indented links are looser and print better for me
  • Indented clasp works better for me now with no heating
  • Added chamfers for squished first layers
  • Kept it thin (H=3.5mm)
  • L=190mm (35mm per triangle side)
  • Added a version with 1, 2 and 3 dots
  • Now also a version with patterns!!

I hope this helps. If you make one, please share the pics!!! :)

The original, of course, remains GREAT WORK.

Vid: Original: About hexaflexagons:

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