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I was looking for an extruder design on the internet, but nothing I could find really interested me, so I decided to design/build my own.

This is very much a work in progress, and I welcome any input from people. I still have to complete the heater side of the unit, control will be with an Arduino UNO, will publish the files and specs here as soon as I am done with them. The auger is a 19mm wood auger drill bit, that I shortened a bit, will give final measurements still. The tube this runs in is a standard 1/2 inch galvanised air pipe as used for compressed air in factories, I bored this out by about 1mm for the auger bit to fit properly. The aluminium end pieces were done by myself from offcut stock we had available in the factory, and were turned by me on a manual lathe. Will still do final measurements and drawings for these too. Motor is a geared DC motor scavenged from an old project, a Modelcraft RB350050-22723R

Printing was done on my Chinese Mini Kossel clone, 0.2mm layer height, white Verbatim ABS, infill 25% for the base and the motor extruder mounts, solid for the gears and the hopper.

Current uploads are for the two body parts only, the hopper part and the base for the hopper. I will be uploading the gears within the next couple of days (09/05/2016)

Update (13/05/2016)

Finally uploaded the two gear files, these I printed solid, (No infill) at 0.2 in ABS. Also uploaded a newer version of the two motor mounts with more adjustment for smaller gears and a new smaller STL file for the Hopper base.

Watch this space! More coming soon.

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Extruder motor mount1.stl
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Gear Small.stl
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Gear Large.stl
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Hopper Base.stl
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Extruder motor mount.stl
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Hopper Base Top.stl
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