MKS-MakerBase TFT32 case

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Case and mounts for the MKS-MakerBase TFT32 v1.2 printer controller. USB and SD access on right side. The Wifi and controller connectors are accessible on the back. The mounts are designed for a Kossel-Mini made with 20x20 extrusions. I print mine at .2mm with 25% infill 2 shells, top, and bottom layers. I used two 3x8mm pan heads on the top rail mounts and four 3x18 cap heads for the case.

The bosses on front need to be tapped for the 3mm bolts. Tap 3-4 turns with a full length tap, then turn your shortened tap 11 turns max otherwise you will get the little raised bumps from over stressing the front. The bosses are 6mm deep.

If you don't have at least a full 3mm tap to get the threads started, you can always just screw a 3mm bolt in! Depending on your printer you may need to drill the hole out a bit to ~2.8mm to get this to work. A little heat on the bolt end can help too, but not to much!

To make the bottom tap, take a regular tap and grind the tip off until it's starting to actually cut threads (3-5mm depending on tap style)

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MKS LCD 32 case back.stl
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