LesWheels Toy Car #1

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SummaryEveryone loves HotWheels cars, so why not [YourNameHere]Wheels for the cars that you design? I'm Les so my cars are LesWheels. HotWheels cars are 1/64 scale, or typically about two to three inches in length. I am open sourcing these designs so those with printers and know-how can print their own without paying a fee. Revision notes of this first car (named bLesSings) follow. bLesSings8: I have not yet printed this model. This is my latest model after about three days of playing around with CAD and printing revisions as I go. I am learning techniques for making the models assemble-able as well as paint-able and print-able. One novelty I've come up with is the sprue sheet. Much like a sprue tree on a conventional injection molded model, the sprue sheet holds all the parts together and gives you a handle for painting them. The difference is that the sprue sheet exists as a bed-height one or two layer thick sheet covering the full sprue area. When the paint dries, you just trim the sheet with an x-acto knife to separate the parts. bLesSings6: I have printed this model and it turned out just fine. This larger 1:36 scale model is just the body, fenders, and seat area with footholes that were later removed.

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