2 Liter Solar Water Purifier

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Here you have found my 2 Liter Solar Water Purifier, for lack of a better name, that I am developing.  It is actually a fixture for the purpose of shaping an aluminum foil insert that converts a 2 liter bottle  into a distillery for clean water.  The intention is to spread this design around the world so people without access to clean water can purify the dirty water that they gather.  It's a global problem with the quality and duration of life being cut short due to poor water quality.  The potential implications of such a simple device and others like it is astounding when  you think of it!  Just some scraps of trash and this fixture can prevent sickness and save lives.  

I thank my friend Aragon Sommer (his online name) for emphasizing his assertion that anything of value that is given to an impoverished surviving person will be sold or stolen for immediate need.  Thus, what is needed are devices that are basically just trash.  Here I have created a device made of a 2 Liter bottle that has been cut in half and a bit of aluminum foil.  There is essentially zero value to that trash, yet it is a life saver because it uses the Sun's energy to purify water.  

Instructions:  First we make an instert by pressing aluminum foil into the Vee, then we flip it over and trim the circular tops.  Next we put the insert into a 2 liter soda bottle that has been cut in half, then put some impure water in the bottom half, put the two together, and leave the assembly in the sun. The concept, which I've tested only once at this point with some success, is that water will accumulate from the accelerated evaporation caused by the Sun's heat, will travel to the upper part of the bottle and then drip down into the aluminum foil where clean(er) water collects.  

Other versions are planned and will be added here.  This is Mark 2 revision 1 of the design.  Mark 1 was an insert, not a fixture for making inserts, and appeared with somewhat popular reception on a Thingiverse entry, a YouTube video, and a 3Ders article.  The link to the Thingiverse entry, which contains links to the other media is here:  


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