Piston Trophy - Now with Base and Solid Top option

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This is a piston style trophy for all your racing trophy needs.  The files now contain both a solid top piston and a cup style piston so you can choose how you want to print.  

It's designed to print best with support material at 0.1mm, 0.2mm or 0.25mm layer heights. and for PLA, cooling fans are helpful.  You may want to increase your skin thickness to 1.5mm to ensure a durable item if you are going to let kids play with this.    

For both the solid top and cup style top, I recommend printing with the top oriented down in Z as this will ensure that support material on the visible edges is easiest to clean up and sand for finishing.   Hot Glue works excellent for final assembly and can be used to provide extra reinforcement for the hex joint that aligns the piston and rod components.  Be careful not to put too much glue in the hex joint pocket as the fit is snug and too much glue in the pocket may not allow the part to fully fit together.  

Thanks and enjoy!  Your business and feedback is appreciated. 

Don't have a printer?  Looking for a custom model for your event?  We offer 3D printing and 3D modeling services.  Please visit our website for more information.

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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Collector CNC Licensed Use CC-A-NC-ND.txt
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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Piston Cup Rod.stl
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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Piston Cup Top.stl
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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Trophy Base.stl
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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Base Rods.stl
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RackMultipart20160404-18371-phbv7b.zip/Piston Cup Top Filled.stl
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