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SummaryI have plated (and resized) all components of the screwless heat gears (by emmett) so that it can be printed in a single over-night job. STL file is sized for HBP/ABP. This is a work in progress.Instructions1 - Make sure your printer can print very well. A runined print means everything is ruined. Also, be sure to center your platform. 2 - Turn on raft - if you go in SF to adjust your setttings, I suggest enlarging the raft so that the parts are anchored to a much larger raft than is typical. 3 - You might want to generate GCode to run slowly! I ran mine at 10 mm/sec. to get better quality. YMMV. Since you're running "overnight", you shouldn't care if it takes a long time to print... 4 - Print. Clean. Assemble. Note - my first run of this I specified 15 % infill; yet the tops of the gears seemed to be filled at 100% -- my filament parameters were a little off, because there were evidence of it extruding just a little too much plastic, and it ultimately caused the raft to break enough for the parts to start rocking. I "saved" that print with some tape, but the result definitely had some quality/fit issues. BTW, my job took 7.5 hours. I'm hoping to tweak it to a point where I can kick it off when I'm going to bed, and have another print ready in the morning.

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