Packer Cheese Wedge jello shot cup

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SummaryThis was printed on my M3D printer with PLA filament, I'm also going to try with flexible filament to give a soft feel to it. The inside is slopped or funnel shaped, to allow a easier release of the jello, while the exterior is straight to look more like a slice of cheese.Print SettingsRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: MediumInfill: 10%How I Designed ThisI used to create this. I started with Pyramid and cone to get the funnel shape I wanted. Cut off the top and inverted the inside. Use a roof top and semi circle to form the out shape to size I wanted. Adjusted the inside to a size 2mm less and made it hole, placed id the the outer shell and grouped. Found Green Packer logo on the internet, created a PNG file and made transparent everything but the outline of the G, converted to a STL file and added it to the bottom of the cup.

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