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Summary Instead of watching my printer while getting close to the end of the roll of filament, I picked up a Low Filament Sensor from . It’s a fairly simple device that lets out a loud buzzing sound when the end of the filament has passed by it, giving you time to pause the print and change out the filament with a fresh spool. The sensor has two sets of roller bearings that are spring loaded so that when the last of the filament passes through the roller bearings, a contact switch is released by the spring and the buzzer is activated. There is an on/off switch, and from what I can tell, the sensor only uses battery power when the buzzer is sounded. The sensor comes with four different colored covers and two spacers, one for 1.75mm filament and one for 3mm filament. Mine came with the 1.75mm spacer installed. The sensor is made by a 3D printer and is very strong. The sensor has some double sided foam tape attached to the back of and a couple of ears for using screws, depending on where and how you need to attach it to your printer. Using the MP Select Mini Filter Bar by Jason Jones, I designed with a holder for the sensor that slips on the flat part of the filter bar so that I can taker the sensor off or put on as needed. Using the foam tape, I attached the sensor to the holder, I made the holder wide enough incase I need to use some screws. For a test, I decided to use the sample filament that came with the printer and make the half cat so as to give everyone a sense of how long between the first sound of the buzzer and the end of the filament hits the extruder. In my test, it was 3 minutes and 3 seconds with my setup. The length if time can be increase by having the sensor further from the extruder, depending on you choice of filament holders. For three minutes is more than long enough for my needs from where I sit and where the printer is located. This sensor has made my end of filament life so much easier as I can now do other things besides watching my printer, YMMV Video of the sensor in action

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