Raspberry Pi Camera Case and Tripod

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Summaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCKvehNFDM This is the raspberry pi camera camera module fitted inside a 3d printed enclosure and mounted to a 3d printed tripod. This simple design is easy to 3d print and takes a few minutes to put together. You can use a Swivel-Head Adapter to adjust the position of the camera with free range of motion and it locks in place with a side screw. You’ll need a few machine screws and other camera bits to assemble this project along with the 3D printed parts and raspberry pi camera module. We’re using this tripod for capture timelapses using OctoPrint but we could also use this as a security camera. You can check out our playlist linked below for more raspberry pi projects. Full Tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System https://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-pi-camera-case-and-tripod/overviewCustom SectionInstructionsTo start, we can attach the base connector to the enclosure using an M3 screw and then install the camera tripod adapter to the inside of the base connector. We can then insert the flex cable from the pi camera through the opening of the enclosure part and pull it all the way through. You’ll want to lay the camera board over the standoffs and hold it in place while fastening 4 machine screws into the of the back of the case. We can use a camera lens that are commonly used for mobile phones by sticking the included o-ring to the front of the case which is pretty nice because it uses a magnet making it easy to swap out different lenses. To assemble the tripod, we’ll insert a hex nut and then insert a tripod leg into the slots near the bottom. while holding the hex nut in place, We can insert and fasten a machine screw into the hole on the side. For grippy feets, we used Ninjaflex filament. We can simply insert another screw here and fasten it to the bottom of the tripod leg. Next up we can insert the D-ring with the ¼ inch screw through the bottom of the tripod base and then install the swivel-head adapter by tightening it onto the tripod connector. Lastly, we can attach the raspberry pi camera to the swivel-head adapter by screwing it on tightly.

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