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I designed a DRS system for the OpenRC-F1 design contest.

I tried to keep modifications to the minimum. I modified the rear wing and added a pin and an extra diffuser. You still need the original diffuser as mine only serves as a servo holder. You’ll need a radio system with 3 channels (throttle, steering and DRS).

All print with no supports (except rear wing as original), 0.2 layer, 20% infill, 30-40mm/s PLA

You’ll need:

  • DRS_rear_wing.stl
  • DRS_wing.stl
  • DRS_pin.stl
  • DRS_diffusser.stl
  • 3 x M3x12mm screws and nuts
  • 1 x micro servo sg90 or similar

Instructions (see pictures); it is not difficult to assemble but it’s better if you follow this order:

  • First attach the pin to your servo with one of the servo’s screw
  • Then put the servo in the servo holder using another servo screw
  • Now you can screw the wing structure (without the moving wing) to the car
  • Then attach the moving wing to the pin with a 3mm screw and nut
  • Now gently force the moving wing into the wing structure holes
  • Finally mount the original diffuser with the other two 3mm screws


Isn’t this awesome? A 3D printed F1 car with working DRS system!!

Hope you like it; I’d appreciate it if you vote!!


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