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Earlier this year, Zheng Labs had the distinct honor of winning the Pinshape People's Choice award with the 2015 Seej Starter Set. During the run up to the vote tallies I promised to design a 3D printable tiara if any Zheng3 designs won in any of the myriad categories, so here it is!

(Robber Rex was enraged by his second-place finish in the low-poly category.)

You’ll need to print one tiara, three gears, and three triangular nuts to complete your tiara. When printing the tiara body I recommend setting minimum layer time to at least 10 seconds so that the edges of the triangular sockets have time to cool and don’t get all fugly and dysmorphic.

Press the nuts in from the back of the tiara and then snap the gears into place. Watch out for your hair when you spin those gears!

This particular tiara was printed in ColorFabb Silver PLA/PHA.

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