Mini Borderlands Loot Chest

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Please watch this video for more info:

This is a loot chest from Borderlands. I made it small because I didn't have a lot of desk space and I just wanted to store some SD cards in it. It could be scaled up if you wanted to though. Everything should work just find at bigger sizes. I wouldn't scale down very much though.

I printed this on my Robo 3D using PLA. It was printed 0.1mm layer height to capture all the details. I used a little bit of support on the lid, mostly for the handle. And a little on the body for the connectors on the back. I also used a raft to fight warping but I think this was overkill so I don't recommend using a raft. Infill doesn't matter much here but I went with 20% I believe.

As far as painting it, my wife primed it with white spray primer. Then she used water-based acrylic paints and brushes to paint all the details on it. Then after it dried she sprayed some gloss coating on it to give it a minimal glossy effect.

Thanks for checking this out! Hope you like it! :)

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