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SummaryMini rack for holding your road bike vertically against a wall, discovered by accident works perfectly so here it is. Suggest making and using two as back wheel rests against wall when front wheel clamps in. As this is rescaled from someone else's project, and fits tyres 25mm tyres, if scaled appropriately any size tyre can be accommodated. Thanks to J_Schmidt for doing all the hard work. Living in a flat I have to keep some bikes indoors now they will be tidier, safer and take up less room. My favourite 3D print to date and it came about by pure accident. Amended version added, if tyre loses pressure could loosen possibly fail to hold, mounted a retaining bracket using two m3.5 nut bolts to hook on to guarantee strength.InstructionsI didn't actually make this I found it accidentally whilst printing another project resized to clamp two 12mm boards together the original project was As I printed these scaled up by 300% I was checking them over when I started hooking them on my bike wheel that is mounted in a turbo trainer next to my PC. They gripped the tyre perfectly so I had an idea and printed another with holes to screw it to the wall. Having fitted it to a board against the wall I stood the bike on its back wheel and hooked the front wheel into it, hey presto perfect storage for a bike that takes up less room and keeps the bike safe. Will add picture of bike in place when I find the location I intend to use these.

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