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SummaryGreat design but for 1515 profile I had 2020 profile so amended and resized to use 2020. Now up and running will be posting any improvements I make as I tune and adjust performance. I have made printer somewhat larger and intending a 300x300x400 print area up to 500mm height if possible. The printer is fairly large internal frame dimensions are 360x500 external dimensions with protrusions about 500x600mm height will be approx 600mm. Still checking all calculations and printing last pieces of main frame. Will keep updated as I go but if you begin printing before I have frame assembled, you may end up printing some parts twice. One or two edges may lack the refinement of original but thats down to the limitations of my knowledge and my use of TinkerCAD to do the conversion. As for my choice of color, I had a couple of KG of PLA sitting around with no plans, so loaded purple into my Wanhao i3 and Tangerine into my XYZ Da Vinci 2.0a may have been tri colored if I had built up the Delta I have sitting in a box to build while I wait for last few parts for this project to arrive from China. Cost of 2020 Profile about 5mtr from 2x3mtr Lengths as I built two Sardauscan Scanners from the remainder, (2 @ Bosch-Rexroth-Extrusion-Aluminium-Strut-Profile-6mm-Groove-3000mm-L-20x20mm from eBay UK at £19.80 a length 0r £6.60 per mtr delivered next day £39.60, 2kg PLA also Ebay UK £21.58, obviously nuts bolts etc most of which I had and the T Nuts Printed from (M4 T Slot nut by daGHIZmo, Most of frame now assembled and found one flaw in my design, 500mm Uprights are going to have to be shortened by 50-75mm then I can put together cutting list for profile. 2020 Profile cutting list. 4@360mm Crossmembers 2 Front and 2 Rear 2@500mm Side Horizontals 2@425mm Side Verticals 2@400mm Side Braces 1@450mm Top Crossmember Left and Right Top pieces being reworked as the support restricts usable height too much moving support inside to give extra print height. (DONE). Now reworking the XMotor and Xidler pieces to repair weaknesses(DONE). Now waiting on delivery of all metalwork and electronics so short break on this project 4x 500mm 8mm Linear Rod and 10x 8x15x24 linear Bearings 10x 8mm Bearing Mounts 6 for carriage Y axis and 4 for extruder X axis (X axis could be 3 but intended future upgrades will require fourth) 18/10 Turned Y access drive belt from vertical to horizontal for ease of access and fitting. 19/10 Bed construction mostly complete 300x300mm be able to print cases for the iPad Air rather than the phone. 20/10 Changed out the bearing mounts as they were over specified the fist assembly showed me how much friction was possible with a slight misalignment of any one so re designed simpler and more flexible carriers saving lots of filament and making printing easier. 3 sets required deliberately left no holes for bed base as these can be drilled through base and Y belt attachment as it makes easier assembly. 31/10 Y Belt attachment didn't adhere well when printed and lifted both ends used as did not matter center is mount ends only prevent twist. 31/10 X Carriage also amended printed in one fixing with cable ties will allow quick change for future mods laser, dremel etc. X Carriage replaced on 21/11 my bad, file control one I originally uploaded 2.75mm to long as I had to use a delta printer that I knew was printing short on the Y Axis and I adjusted to print forgot to delete that file First Print 20mm cube to check calibration, a bit of tuning to do but working after sorting out Repetier Firmware problem that was an Arduino Problem hanging onto the original values in the Eprom, should know better than to configure and print for the first time on Friday the 13th. Temporary heated bed waiting for 300mm to turn up so popped in a 220mm for testing. Changed the Bed carriage and y Belt attachment needed more height a little less flexibility and improved Belt fixing 20/11Print SettingsRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: 0.2Infill: 40%

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